Saturday, August 6, 2011

Legoism reskinned

As you may have noticed, the dark-themed Legoism is no more. The reason is not that I got bored of it or have ended some depressive period in my life, but that it should be more eye-friendly to the photos with the white background I'll try to make for the new posts. It should look cleaner, and now that Sariel has published a comprehensive photo processing tutorial for exactly the purpose, I've got no more excuses to stick with the 1990's web look (the only thing that was missing was an animated GIF of fireworks).

By the way, this is just the first step of the face-lift; the second one, coming up shortly, will change all of the fonts used in the blog to Comic Sans.

On an unrelated note, some minor additions to Technic Tips have been done.

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