Main Projects

Click on any of the images below to head to the page describing the corresponding project in detail. To answer some most common questions right at the doorstep: yes, all of these below were developed and built by me, they are not for sale, no instructions are available, and they are not eligible for the Lego Ideas program.

The Red Raccoon: my engineering tour de force so far. An offroader with 4x4x4I drive, full suspension with independently adjustable F/R ride height, 5-speed gearbox, independently lockable differentials, and lights, all remotely controlled.

Competition Crawler IV: Instead of showing off tons of features, this thing was built to climb. And fast. Dual floating axle suspension design. Make sure to watch the video referred in the project page.

Robotic engraver: what it says on the tin ran by MindControl (see below). The fourth instance, and the one I was finally happy with.

A pure Lego Technic seismometer, except for the pencil. Uses heavy battery packs as reference weights.

GT Crawler emphasizes agility and speed over fancy internals. My first forage into the pivoting-motors suspension design. (And, phew, a succesful one.)

A working watermill which, if fed with real water, spins the waterwheel indeed, and does some (half-)useful work in the house.

A Python library that controls NXT and EV3 packages directly from a computer, including motor control and sensor readings.

TGB: A racing car with all the standard bells and whistles, plus the nose ride height system.

A fairly standard sewing machine converted into an embroidery machine using MindControl and NXT Lego parts.

A prototype of a continuously variable transmission mechanism. Probably a bit too large to fit in a Lego car, but at the purely conceptual level, it works.

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