Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drive configurations comparison

After a few previous posts regarding differential drive chassis and its self-steering developments, it might be useful, before we move on, to offer a table comparing all these drive configurations ― their pros and cons. Here we'll restrict the table to 4-wheeled types, though general ideas also apply to those with three or more pairs of wheels. Click on the table to zoom it for easier viewing.

Or use this thumbnail link to obtain a printer-friendly version.



  1. Wouldn't the second type of steering (from the left) have a zero-radius turn? You would run them otors in the opposite directions and the vehicle would turn in place, like a tank.

    1. For turning in place, yes. But reversing one motor to steer while driving is too unreliable and causes too much slippage - it's easier to just stop one motor. In that case the turning radius is large.