Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Legoism's first birthday


Exactly one year ago, a first post (an introductory one) was posted on Legoism. I'm glad to see that the number of its page views has been continuously climbing month by month though it's, of course, still light-years away from some more established Technic blogs (many of which you can find in the Links section). I will, as the picture above suggests, try to improve it in the future.

A few numbers: the blog is now close to reaching the 25,000th page view (should be reached in about a week or so). The post with by far the most views, over 5000, is a review of 8070 Super Car ― it has roughly as much as the next four: all being reviews, from 5893, over 8053 and 8258, to 8051. It's a bit depressing that the next two posts are actually documenting two failures: the horrible Technic Supercar, and the unsuccessful NXT plotter, and only then the TGB Car. That's something I obviously need to work on. Interestingly, lots of visitors actually come to this site via image search.

Thank you everyone for visiting and reading Legoism so far ― I'll try to come up with lots of exciting stuff in the future!

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